Create an Oasis: Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Create an Oasis: Outdoor Decorating Ideas

John Doe

Posted on 23/01/2024

This summer, you may be finding yourself spending more time in your garden or outdoor space. There is truly nothing like unwinding in your own personalised oasis. But creating that oasis in the first place can be a bit of a project. Especially when there are so many ideas out there – what with all the Pinterest board inspiration and possible aesthetics to choose from. It can feel overwhelming. 

We have put together a few outdoor decorating ideas to help elevate your outdoor space, and turn it into that dream oasis to relax in and host in this summer.

Solar Lights 

Create splashes of cool and warm toned lights throughout the garden to foster ambience. These lights are a long-term, low cost investment, simply powered by the sunlight during the day. You only pay for the initial lights, not the batteries nor the electricity. Simply install them around the garden, and wait for the sun to bring them to life. 

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Lanterns and String Lights

Drape string lights over head and hang lanterns from hooks. Or place them amongst a collection of pots. Not only will they add some light for the evenings, but they will nourish the mood and elevate the ambience further. You can even get solar lanterns and string lights. 

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Outdoor Furniture

It’s important to include practical, yet beautiful outdoor furniture, perfect for afternoon reading, morning coffees, and entertaining. Choose whatever styles and colours to suit your aesthetic. Whether you prefer the chic French style cafe chairs, or lazy lounging hammocks, somewhere to sit or relax will give your outdoor space body and functionality.

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Add Greenery

There is nothing like some luscious and lively greenery in an outdoor space. Nothing adds energy and tranquillity to an area more than some pools of green, whether that’s cascading vines, or bold landscaping around the perimeter. Either way, greenery will add some much-desired dimension and texture to your space.

Plants and potters

With all sorts of shapes and styles, your pots and planters can double as outdoor art pieces. Choose from rustic terracotta styles, to cool toned sophisticated shades. Add plants, herbs, and even flowers for some colourful hues to your garden borders and throughout the space.

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Define the Space with an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is a great way to define the perimeter of the outdoor space. It also acts as a practical base from which you can build upon, and will add further texture and layers to your space. It will also help separate the concrete, brick, or floorboards from the rest of the furniture and decor, and foster that extra sense of cosiness. 

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Create an Entertaining Nook

Whether you use a bar cart, or get creative with a garden shelving arrangement, an entertaining nook will mean you are always ready to have loved ones over. You can even find creative things to store cold drinks in, such as a herb garden planter, or pots.

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Pops of Colour

Whether that colour be outdoor art pieces, or floral arrangements, or even outdoor cushions, some colourful shades will liven the space, and infuse it with some character and spirit that you can customise to be unique to you and your style. 

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