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Hi, i just thought I'd post to let you know that I found the WH-1000XM5'S for $475. I went to JBHIFI and they price matched this for me. Link to where I found them: I hope this helps!!!!!


good quality..!! good


Unimpressed with 2500w infrared heater. Has very heavey power cord with unusual plug that can't be changed so need to buy special extension and power pack at around $90. If it was made in Australia as they insist it is it should have an ordinary cord and plug. It also draws more power than they say it will. But with the heavy duty power cord similar to those on welders I should have known as soon as I laid eyes on it. Buyer beware.


I've been watching movies on Netflix and my Xbox streaming 4K and Dolby Atmos content knowing I'm probably not quite getting the quality expected. I was happy until I bought the DP-UB820 as I can't believe how good the difference in picture and sound quality are over the hours of content I've consumed. Worth the buy!!!




I bought this a week ago as a back up phone from JB Hi fi, (Im a chronic phone looser and keep a backup in my car),works well no bloat ware,no NFC,ordinary camera,LCD screen ,but very good basic phone for price.The only issue is the speaker volume on hands free is a bit low for me,but overall quite happy with the phone

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