The 5 Best Lego Sets in Australia 2023

The 5 Best Lego Sets in Australia 2023

Gavin Male

Posted on 28/11/2023

It has been a long time since LEGO has been exclusively targeted for kids. Aussies of all ages, from all walks of life, enjoy the creative process of building LEGO. So here to make sure you don’t get stuck when looking at the very best LEGO kits and LEGO options, is our PriceMe guide to the top 5 types of LEGO out there in Australia.  As a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike, but with so many options, LEGO research is important before you buy!

LEGO has such a wide array of designs, styles and worlds you can build from, it can be hard to choose which project to embark on next, whether it be with the kids or just you enjoying some nostalgic creativity.

Luckily, we have put together a guide for the top LEGO Sets in Australia so you can make the perfect choice for your loved one or for yourself. Aussies just love these sets, and for good reason. They are unique, tailored to your beloved stories and interests, and easy to find in a variety of local retailers.

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Harry Potter LEGO - not just for muggles!





Harry Potter LEGO

Step into the enchanting wizarding world of Harry Potter. Explore Hogwarts Castle and Grounds. Or recreate the Battle of Hogwarts. You can even bring Dobby the House Elf to Life. How about a promenade through the sensory mishmash that is Diagon Alley? You can even represent your Hogwarts house with pride by building your house banner.

Harry Potter LEGO Sets - Which is the BEST?

The best Harry Potter Lego set is undoubtedly Hogwarts Castle (71043). This Lego set really does capture the magic of Harry's wizarding world and it has incredible attention to detail. It is a massive set, with over six thousand pieces and it really does recreate the iconic Hogwarts Castle with stunning scale and accuracy.

The Hogwarts Castle Lego set includes minifigures of some of the best characters from the books, including Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore. Each of the rooms is intricately designed and recreated from the movies, from the Great Hall to the Chamber of Secrets, this Lego set really does showcase the architectural marvel of Hogwarts. The set also features hidden passageways, moving staircases, and a variety of magical elements, making it a captivating and immersive building experience which is super fun to play with after. For any Harry Potter enthusiast or LEGO collector, the Hogwarts Castle is a masterpiece that captures the essence of the wizarding world in a truly enchanting way.

Lego Harry Potter can be found at Target, Toyworld, Toys R Us, Big W, Lego Land Discovery Centre, the official Lego Store and Amazon Au.

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LEGO Technic - You're never too old to play with LEGO...





Unravel your inner engineer as you construct the sleek Ford Mustang Shelby. Or the Monster Jam. Perhaps you’d prefer to build the golden porsche. From off-road buggies, to industrial cranes, to fancy lamborghini, Lego Technic offers the perfect selection of vehicles to pique your creative imagination.

The Best LEGO Technic Sets

The Monster Jam Dragon is one of the best Lego Technic sets, and the threshold into competition, racing, freestyle, and two-wheel skills. Fans of the live motorsport event can reenact their favourite moments from the arena, or create new ones with the Monster Jam Dragon Set. The set pays attention to detail with its array of horns, spikes and vibrant green exterior, this model truly resembles an authentic dragon. With a pull-back feature, this vehicle is designed for racing, giving it a fun, practical flare for those seeking competitive trials.

Another crowd favourite is the classic Lego Batman Batmobile, with its sleek ebony body and light bricks that splash the vehicle in a shade of red. This model is true to its movie tie-in starring Robert Pattinson, equipped with a 9-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a spinning flame for that realistic and interactive twist. For lovers of the DC comics and Lego lovers, this is the perfect gift for the holiday season.

Lego Technic can be found at Target, Toyworld, Mr Toys, TRK Toys, Just Bricks, the official Lego Store, and


LEGO Friends - Build adventure in the town of Heartlake City




Cheap LEGO Friends Sets Australia.png

Explore a variety of lifestyles with LEGO Friends. Run a pancake shop or a bubble tea shop. Fly a sea rescue plane. Hit the ski slopes and wander through the botanical gardens. Help animals in need through the dog rescue centre or the pet adoption cafe. Or how about building an ambulance? Or constructing a sports centre? With so many options of LEGO Friends, there is bound to be a lifestyle that suits you. They also make for an amazing gift for that creative person in your life.

The Best LEGO Friends Sets

LEGO Friends started out depicting scenes from the lives of the 5 Lego friends: Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. The LEGO Friends 41704 Main Street Building Set is one of the most popular sets, and to no surprise. Including a two-storey building with a working elevator, a bakery, a hair salon, and plenty of smaller details to truly bring one’s imagination to life, the Main Street Building Set captures the heart of community and play. It is just a wonderful gift this season and a great way for kids to connect with one another and their inner creativity!

Since the original Friends sets times have changed and the 2023 LEGO Friends Universe includes characters with a wider variety of skin tones, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, and neurodiversity, all with authentic personalities and relationships.  Representation matters!

If you’re looking for a monster LEGO Friends set and really wanting to knock it out of the park, the biggest LEGO Friends building is the 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel. True to its name, this set has a staggering 1,552 pieces to build a three-story Grand Hotel. Featuring a lobby, restaurant, rooftop terraces, and even a swimming pool, the Grand Hotel encourages kids to imagination and storytelling skills through an interactive and playful platform. It includes mini-doll figures of Oliva and Stephanie and two guests.

LEGO Friends can be found at Target, Toyworld, Mr Toys, Just Bricks, the official LEGO Store, and Amazon Au.


May the Force be with your LEGO Star Wars sets!




Cheap LEGO Star Wars Sets.jpg

Soar across galaxies and visit different timelines and planets with Lego Star Wars. Barrel through the cosmos in the Millenium Falcon, or discover Yoda’s Starfighter. Encounter iconic characters such as Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. Or perhaps you’d like to adorn your home decor with Luke Skywalker’s helmet.

The Best LEGO Star Wars Sets

Star Wars fans will not be surprised to hear that the UCS Millennium Falcon LEGO set stands out amongst the others.  The LEGO Falcon is the nuts!

Han Solo’s super-fast Corellian ship teems with careful detail that fans will just adore. It includes the hull detailing, sensor dish, and the cockpit that sits up to four mini figurines. There is even a hidden floor compartment, featuring 2 escape pod hatches. This 7,541 piece set is the most impressive of the collection, and true testament to the legacy of Star Wars. Building this otherworldly ship is a must-do for all Star Wars and LEGO fans alike and it will look incredibly impressive on display. You will absolutely ‘wow’ any loved one with this gift during the holiday season!

LEGO Star Wars can be found at Target, Toyworld, Mr Toys, TRK Toys, Toys R Us, the official LEGO Store, and Amazon Au.


LEGO Duplo - Perfect for little engineers





LEGO Duplo is the perfect, hands-on approach for our littlest ones to explore and learn about the world. Discover the wild animals of the African savannah. Save local cats from trees with the town fire truck. Learn to care for the outback and cities alike by operating the town recycling truck. Or learn about energy with the wind turbine and electric car. You can even swing to great heights and unleash your inner hero with Spider Man’s house.

The Best LEGO Duplo Sets

LEGO Duplo has many creative and developmental benefits for children. The Duplo Classic Brick Box Building Set is a wonderful ultimate starter kit for toddlers. Featuring 65 colourful pieces and an ensemble of characters, kids can construct scenes that include windows, tables and trees. Let them discover the world of storytelling through this fun, hands-on approach.

The Lego Duplo Tropical Island set is another one of the best LEGO Duplo sets for toddlers. Embark on an adventure into the jungle to learn about how monkeys swing and toucan fly. Little ones can build a treehouse with a functional bridge and a pulley system. Kids can pretend to be zookeepers or make believe living in the wild.

Or how about the Duplo Number Train Toy? A great way to practise motor skills through the construction of the train and learn numeracy skills with the colourful train! By playing with this fun set, kids will learn without even realising.

LEGO Duplo comes with endless learning and fun opportunities for our youngest Aussies!

LEGO Duplo can be found at Target, Toyworld, Mr Toys, Just Bricks, the official LEGO Store, and Amazon.


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With a bucket of Lego, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a dragon or a pirate ship - it's whatever you can imagine!

Christopher Miller

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