Cheapest Washing Machine and Dryer Deals AU 2024

Cheapest Washing Machine and Dryer Deals AU 2024

John Doe

Posted on 16/01/2024

Washing machines and dryers have transformed a once tedious and laborious household task. Isn’t it good that we live in the 21st Century? People of the 19th century would be enthralled. Are you ready to upgrade your laundry station? Whether you need a large barrel toploader for the family or front loader with advanced bluetooth specs, PriceMe has the scoop on the best Boxing Day Deals so that you find the best possible deal.  

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PriceMe has catalogued the best washing machine and dryer deals of 2024 in AU so you can find the perfect washing machine or dryer to start the new year off fresh. 



Fisher & Paykel

With user-friendly buttons and operations, Fisher & Paykel washing machines and dryers deliver fast cycles and quieter motors. Their machines are designed for water and energy efficiency, too. So they’re a great environmentally friendly choice! Many of their machines have senses that adjust the water and spin, depending on what kind of fabric or load you have put in. Check out The Good Guys!







Samsung washing machines and dryers are world-class units. They tend to be quieter machines, and are great for large families or flats as can often take larger loads of laundry without compromising the quality of the wash or dry. With a range of customisable smart features, and easy-navigation panels, Samsung is a smart investment for your laundry room. PriceMe has the scoop on the best prices out there. Check out the Good Guys for some good deals!

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LG washing machines and dryers are known for their innovative technologies, range of unique hues, and sophisticated and contemporary designs. They come in a range of sizes and models to suit any type of households – from couples to large families and flats. They are reliable, clean well, and come with a range of cycle options. Not to mention, their bluetooth connections are great for busy schedules.







Devanti washing machines and dryers are a great option for households looking for models that cater to unique needs. They even have washing machines that work well for camping and road trips! Their machines have a distinct design and look to them, which will add character to your laundry room. Check out this brand at John Cootes.





Haier washing machines and dryers have always stood out in the market. Their top-loaders are great for budget-conscious individuals, while their front-loaders come in a range of options that are efficient and reliable – important for busy families and households. Check out eBay for some great deals on these machines!

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