Cheapest Fridge and Freezer Deals in AU 2024

Cheapest Fridge and Freezer Deals in AU 2024

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Posted on 16/01/2024

Did you know that before fridges and freezers were available to the public, people stored their meat and perishable goods in non-mechanical ice boxes, cool cellars, or spring houses – a small dwelling constructed over a spring. Fridges and freezers are truly an everyday necessity in households today. If you are in the market for an upgrade, or wish to switch to a more energy efficient fridge or freezer, PriceMe has the scoop on the cheapest deals for fridges and freezers in Australia.


PriceMe is a tool that allows you to compare products and prices across a range of retailers in Australia. Its simple, yet innovative interface allows you to unlock the best deals, and compare prices, customer reviews, product details and specifications, and similar products, so that you can make a fully informed choice.


With PriceMe – on your mobile or desktop, you don’t have to worry about the retail chaos. PriceMe eases the stress of shopping around malls and scrolling through a list of retailer websites, arranging all of this information in one place. It allows you to compare side-by-side, either on the go or at home. It reduces the hassle and makes your shopping experience quick and free of bias.


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Coming in hot – or, cold, rather – with distinct designs, styles and colours, great for those looking for a particular aesthetic for their kitchen, LG fridges and freezers combine art with practical food storage. Whether you want the freezer on top, on the bottom, or want a double door situation, the LG range is designed with all kinds of households in mind. Check out Folders!






As a household name, Samsung fridge freezers are designed with a focus on people. Whether you are after a smaller fridge to fit in your town house unit, or a large double door fridge freezer combo for your family, Samsung has a range of customisable options. Choose from matte quicksilver shades to dark charcoal. It’s no wonder that Aussies continue to choose this fridge brand. Check out Heathcotes! And utilise PriceMe for the deals!

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This loved brand stands out in the market for producing consistent high-quality appliances, and offering budget-friendly prices. They’re also wonderfully energy efficient! Coming in several sizes and feature options, this is an awesome brand for families and households with a range of needs and interests in the kitchen. Elevate your kitchen game with the cheapest deals that PriceMe will help you unlock.







Loved by Aussies for their reliability, performance, wide-spread customer satisfaction and temperature stability, Westinghouse is a trustworthy brand for your kitchen. These appliances will create a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic in your kitchen. Another favourite in Australian homes. Check out 100% for some cheap deals

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Fisher & Paykel 

Fisher & Paykel are often hailed as the embodiment of innovation and quality in the world of fridge and freezers. Coming in with top-notch features, luxury builds and impressive operations, this brand is a compliment to your kitchen. Craft a smooth and opulent kitchen experience with Fisher & Paykel. Have a look at Folders! Deals for these fridges and freezers go live soon!

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Looking for something different? Check out PriceMe to find exactly what you are looking for to start 2024 off on the right foot.


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