G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C HM8Q2ZM/A 0G10265 1TB Reviews

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Manufacturer: G-Technology
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G-Technology G-Drive mobile 500GB review

Verdict: G-Technology is now part of the Hitachi group responsible for manufacturing hard disk drives. So G-Technology products feature Hitachi disks on the inside, and some smart and very well constructed cases on the outside.
9 years ago

G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

No reviews
Verdict: Well lucky for all consumers it seems that the prices of both internal and external storage media (HDDs and SSDs) are still taking a plunge something which i guess explains the sudden spike in sales surrounding such products around the globe.
Pros: - Build Quality (Aluminum Enclosure, - Good Performance, - Size, - MAC OS/Time Machine Compatible, - 3 Years Warranty
Cons: - Price (For Some, - Performance (Compared To Similar PHDs
6 years ago

so far, so good!

Verdict: I was so intimidated by having to buy an external hard drive, bc I'm not a tech savvy person, but my computer is getting old so I figured it was time. After some researching and reading lots of reviews I decided on the "G".
7 months ago

G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C HM8Q2ZM/A 0G10265 1TB

Verdict: I would recommend this drive for anyone seeking a fast reliable solid external HD.....G-RAID makes the best stuff.
3 years ago

A very good quality product

Verdict: A very good quality product. Ideal for portability with the option of connecting via Thunderbolt or USB 3 and backwards compatible to USB 2 and USB 1 if required. Very solid construction
6 years ago

Good reliable external drive

Verdict: This isms second G-Drive. I've been using the 1TB G-Drive for over a year now on a MBP as my main photo location. The thunderbolt doesn't seem to slow down LRCC at all. The second one is so I can keep a copy off site incase of a disaster...
2 years ago

Perfect for Time Machine & my New iMac

Pros: Easy set-up and works flawlessly
Cons: Nothing
3 years ago

I would recommend this product......

Verdict: Great hard drive to supplement any mac as its design is perfectly matched to that of the metal unibody design MacBooks etc. Its looks, feels and performs to a great standard. Data transfer speeds over Thunderbolt are super quick.... however you do pay a premium for this.
Pros: Great Features
5 years ago

Great Product

Verdict: This is a great hard drive. It is small and portable, but it's also fast when either transferring to and from or working off of. I do lots of video and photo editing and working with files off of this drive makes my process a lot quicker.
3 months ago
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