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Canon XF305
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Way Too Big and Heavy

Verdict: This camera is big and bulky to the point of being unwieldy. The lens is huge and all of that glass weighs a TON! This gives it a high center of gravity on a tripod.

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4 months ago
B&H Photo

Canon XF305 High Definition Camcorder

Pros: great
Cons: none that I can see
Verdict: I really am pleased with my new XF305 camcorder. I bought the SanDisk 32 Extreme Pro UDMA7 CF card. You have to use the UDMA CF cards for this camera. SO, check with Canon on the CF cards that will work with your camcorder -- they all differ. The picture and all camcorder tools work fine.

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1 year ago
Verdict: The add on you guys gave with the camera was jus useless.

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2 years ago


Verdict: This canon is a solid pro camera, but it is lacking in some much needed features at its core. It should have a larger sensor to deal with lo light. The Sony's by comparison have larger sensors, and thus are better suited for lower light.

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3 years ago

Great Camcorder

Pros: good battery life, Good Low-Light Performance, Easy Computer Connectivity, Great sound/audio, Accurate, Vivid Colors, excellent image quality, durable, Good Software Compatibility, Ergonomic/comfortable to hold, Easy TV Connectivity, easy to use, not compact and not bulky, excellent lcd, excellent...
Verdict: Great image and sound quality. Image is vivid and crisp. Superb lens quality. Excellent LCD screen and VF. Very good battery life. Excellent ergonomic. Very comfortable. I am very happy to be an owner of such a wonderful camcorder. Buy it without hesitation!

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5 years ago

The Little camera that could

Verdict: Ok, lets face it this isn't your typical consumer camcorder. At this price you could buy a few others and still have some change left over... This is the real thing, used by the BBC across the world to make programmes and they wouldn't be using it unless it performed. This is the benchmark.

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7 years ago
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